Jesus Saves Ministries

2 Cor 5:17-18

Outreach Opportunities

We at Jesus Saves Ministeries want you to know that there are many opportunities to share the word of God with our lost and dying world. We are looking for people to partner with us in this outreach. The first thing we want all our partners to do is pray and seek God for what He wants you to do or be a part of. I remember that I would often say, “God I have a family, job and responsibilities I cannot go into the mission field.” Remember most people are not called to be preachers, missionaries or others that leave their homes and families. Having said that, however, we are all called to spread the word of God and be about our Fathers business. What that is for you I do not know. I just know we need to do what we are called to do in the time we are given to do it.

We need also to remember that some plant, some water and some harvest. We do not need to do everything on our own, just what we are called to do. Remember that obedience is better than sacrifice.

I want to share with you some of the things we at Jesus Saves Ministeries are doing to spread the word of God. Some of these you may want to be a part of with us or use the ideas and share them with your church community.


      • Billboards
      • Yard Signs
      • Pocket Testament
      • Magnetic signs for cars and Simi Trucks
      • More ideas to come


Billboards– These are available in many sizes and places. In this economy there are many that are blank and therefore a great way to spread the Word of God. Be creative in your signs and see what God would have you do in this area. Also remember that just like the bargain hotel companies say, “some rent is better than none.” We have looked into this and we are looking for people to partner with us in getting billboards on major highways in our area.

Magnet signs– This is a great way to spread Gods, love, hope, peace and that He cares. We never know who may read this type of a sign and how many lives it may touch. We are looking into signs for Simi-trucks and if they can place them on their trailers. Consider a sign for you vehicle.

Pocket Testaments– This is an organization that we really feel strongly about. They print the book of John in many different covers. All are designed to attract people to the booklet. They also offer ideas and plans to share the gospel with others. How many places can you leave these little booklets for someone to pick up and read? Talk to the Doctors office and see if you can leave them their, stores, restaurants and other places that you can think of. This is a great way to spread the Word of God.

Yard signs– This is another simple and easy way to spread the word of God. A small sign in your yard letting other know that God love’s them, cares for them and wants to be a part of their life. You may not be able to go and do but this is an easy way to let your neighbors and people that pass by that God loves and cares for them. We never know what small act will touch someone’s heart and make a way for God to come in and change their life.

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