Jesus Saves Ministries

2 Cor 5:17-18

Meet the Pastor

Hi. My name is Christopher S. Cox, and I would like to share a little personal information about myself, whom God almighty has called to partner with to build his kingdom (God’s kingdom).

Let all the glory be to God the Almighty (Amen and Amen). The gospel that Jesus the Christ taught when he walked on this earth in human forum. He is still proclaiming the same things today through the Holy Spirit whom rightly divides his word and delivers it to his people who are SEEKING HIM. This brings me to what is my joy to share with you about myself. I have one desire and that is to see God’s will be done in and through my life. I want to please God the father with every breath I take and let His will be done. It is all about Jehovah the almighty God and his son Jesus the Christ, The one who paid the redemptive price by the blood he shed for mankind. I love the living God that I serve, Jehovah of Armies and his son Jesus the Christ who is the only begotten son of the living God. Let me make this fact clear that I serve no other God.

I have known the Lord since I was 10 years old and I have been walking with him for the last 26 years. God has always been steadfast in my life and has never failed me in any way nor at any time, praise the Lord (Amen)! I have been down a lot of roads and seen a lot of things my friend, yet I have never seen God fail at anything. I really don’t like talking about me, I would much rather talk about God and his goodness. I will before it’s over because Jesus saved me from hell and from myself. Friend, he is the Lord of Lords, who set me free and I am free indeed no doubt. If you will allow me, He will help you right now with anything that is on your heart or mind. Just share it with Him right now and you will be glad you did. Amen

Since I gave my life to Christ he has brought so many lovely people into my life! (I am blessed)! I have ministered in many offices in the past and outreach is my heart. I have traveled in and out of this country reaching out to the lost and dying. The Lord has caused me to pastor in a conventional church setting, and has also had me spend two years in a Skid Row area, ministering to the beautiful and wonderful people there. The Lord has led me back and forth across America so many times that I have really lost count, no joke. I have seen God raise the dead, heal the sick, and restore the maimed. Yet something greater than all the healing that I have witnessed, were the times when I saw Jesus give eternal life to so many that I cannot begin to count them. Jesus just wiped away their sin, sorrow, pain, regret, hate, doubt and replaced it with love, joy, confidence, strength, peace and power, (glory be to the Most High). (Forgive me) I just get lost in the greatness of my God!!!! I do not really like to talk about myself and I hope I have shared enough that you can see my heart. (But more than anything) God, wants you to know how much He loves you. Because of His great love for you, He gave his son Jesus that you might live and not die. Through Jesus, He brings you here to Jesus Saves Ministries, where the Lord has prepared good things for you and your loved ones. Jesus saves and we love you!

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