Why We Follow The Torah

21 Dec 2015

Why do we follow the Torah? Is it because if we don't we won't make it into Heaven or we will no receive Salvation? The Torah is the Word of God and we follow it not for Salvation, but because we are saved , and want to please God. We follow the Holy Days and Dietary Laws because we love Him, and because He loved us enough to give His life for us. Are we going to hell if we don't do it, "No". But if we love God we follow his Law's and commands. With obedience comes blessings, greater truths, and understanding of the Word of God. He shows us in Romans 2: 12-13 that by keeping law in faith and spiritually we are pleasing God. Is it by the letter of the Law, no but by the Spirit of the Law that we are pleasing to God. If you keep it by the Spirit we are living as Jesus did and grow and become more use able by God. God loves you and want's to take you to new heights in Him. Let go of the things of this world and spend more time in Him so you can be a vessel that is always filled and walking in the Spirit of GOD.

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