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2 Cor 5:17-18


What things are you thanking Jehovah God for every day? All things are possible with Jehovah God, but only if you surrender your will for His will for your life. I can think that I have accomplished things in my life. But the real truth is I was only able to get where I am, because of all the gifts and mercy Jehovah God has bestowed upon me. Walking away from all to prove who I am and what I can accomplish on my own is where I found out a real truth. The truth that my enemy has a plan for my life and it is not for my good. Quite the opposite, he hates me and wants to destroy me. All the lies that I have listened to, all the lies I told myself about how I do not need anyone, and how far I got out there, only to find out how much I really needed a guiding hand. Listening to all those lies only led to my own destruction. Blaming others and circumstances sounds good and may make you feel kind a good for a time, but the feeling soon fades with the next problem that come in like a flood.


I finally came to myself and decided I needed to change my life and the direction I was headed in. The problem was I only wanted to change the areas that were not going my way and on my schedule. When I got the small change I thought I wanted, I was back on the track toward the desert and train wreck that was ahead of me. My pride was important to me and doing things my way was how I wanted things to go in my life. I did not know that pride goes before a fall, and when the blind are leading the blind, they both fall into the ditch. I was headed for another ditch, the only question was how large the ditch was going to be and how far I was going to fall before I would stop. To stop this fall and the train wreck that was my life I needed to change some major things in my life. I was tired of getting the things I thought I wanted only to see it all taken away by missed steps or unforeseen circumstances coming into my life. The truth is I would have to surrender my life to the owner and creator of my life if I really wanted the merry-go-round of my life to end. I thought I had a deal with Jehovah God, I would be good most of the time, and He would let me do the things I wanted, as long as I came and confessed my mistakes every once and awhile. I found out that I was wrong in my thinking and when I was doing my own thing Jehovah God could not protect me from my mistakes. I finally came to realize that without Jehovah God protecting me I was in for a really rough ride.


How many times have I repeated the lessons Jehovah God was trying to help me get past. No He was not bringing the lessons. The lessons came because I was unwilling to listen to Him and change my course. I have heard it preached that trouble is Jehovah’s way of teaching us lessons. The problem with this line of thought is that it does not line up with what I have been reading in the bible. Where do you see that Jehovah God wants or created sickness, or death. In the beginning He created all things good. Also in Him is no death and death is the last enemy to be defeated. The word tells us that Jehovah God wants to meet all our needs (not wants). Also, it is His good pleasure to give us all things that pertain to life and happiness. The only conclusion I can come to is that I caused all the train wrecks in my life. When I took over the controls of my life, when I chose to be the Captain of my ship or I did it my way. This thought came to me at this point of my life. What is my way, anyway? Have you ever thought, really thought about what we are really saying when we make those kinds of statements? Let’s examine a course set by us into the unknown. Why do I say the unknown? To be dramatic, to bring mystery, to try and get someone interested? No. When I am honest with myself I really have no clue what is going to happen tomorrow, the next day or next year. Do you? We can dream or deceive ourselves, but the truth is that we are clueless. Remember we have an enemy who has come to kill, steal and destroy us and our lives. How do we avoid him and his plan for us? I may know what he wants to do to me, but the how I am clueless about. So I am starting out this journey called life, into an unknown future, following an unlit path, telling myself that I want to do it my way, and that I do not need anyone’s help or support. In addition to that, I find out that I have a very smart enemy who knows me better than I know myself. His only desire is to destroy me in every way possible and in the end kill me. Now another question, do we believe that this describes our journey through life?


We have choices on our side always. What we lack is vision. So how could we correct our course and get the vision we need so we can enjoy life and keep our ship off the rocks of destruction? After all I have been through and have seen and experienced in my life I only know one way.

First– I have to admit that I

cannot do it alone.


Second– I must swallow my pride and admit I need help in my journey.


Third– I must be willing to accept the right help, from the right people.


Fourth– I must understand that I need to get wisdom, understanding and discernment from the right sources.


Fifth– I must make wise choices and stay on the right path. Also if I do get off course, I need to recognize the mistake and do whatever it takes to get back on the right course.


One truth about my life is that I have come to understand that the beginning of my journey is important, and the journey itself is important, but where I end up in the end, is really what I should be concerned about. Where are you headed with your life? Do you really know or are you just hoping you do not have a ship wreck along the way. We need to no longer be clueless but get clued in.


Wisdom comes with time, patience and a willingness to study. The only true wisdom comes from Jehovah God, and He is the only one who can guide us safely through this journey we call life. He can keep us off the rocks and away from the train wrecks if we choose to listen to His wisdom and direction. When I got tired of wandering all over the place and having ship wreck after ship wreck, I finally surrendered my life to Jehovah God and my journey has never been the same since. I am no longer clueless about where I am going and what I am called to do most of the time. I have finally got clued in. I cannot see over the mountain but my Jehovah God can. I do not know what is coming tomorrow but He does. He wants only the best for me and you, but He cannot give it to us until we turn over the controls of our lives to Him. That does not mean we become a robot. Quite the contrary my friend, we still have to make the right choices and admit when we make mistakes. It may start out slow and there may be more, I am sorry Jehovah, then, thank you Jehovah, in the beginning but it does get better. We have to get clued in on who we are listening to, and making sure it is the right voice we are hearing and following. Remember the enemy has a voice and he talks a lot. But when I finally found the right Captain for my ship and the guide I needed to direct me in my journey through life, many things changed. It has not been a red carpet ride but one of changes and victories in my life. I have more peace in me now and I want more and more. When Jesus the Christ says “come unto him and He will give us rest,” that is exactly what He means. That does not mean I get to stay in bed all day or on the hammock in the back yard snoozing all day. I have to get moving on the things He tells me to do every day. What that may be for you I do not know, but He will be happy to let you know if you will listen. I can tell you that He is the best choice you can make for your life, but just like me, you have to make that choice every day. I choose to be clued in and no longer running around clueless in my life. Are you tired of being clueless and moving from ditch to ditch? Jesus the Christ is the answer to all our problems if we will allow Him to be. He will not force you to choose Him or follow Him. But if you consider the end of your journey instead of the journey its self, you may get some clarity about where you are and where you are headed. What does the road ahead look like to you? Full of ditches, potholes and all the things you want to avoid. Then join me in the light and taste of the good things that are only in Jesus the Christ.



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